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BE: Cast

In this world there are 3 classes society lives under. In order of hierarchy: Alpha, Beta, and Omega. Whenever someone is rejected from a bonded pair they can become feral if they go long enough without finding a new mate. Both Alpha and Omega classes have their own ailments when becoming feral. However, the cruelest fate lies with the Omega class. In this world an Omega that has been rejected from its mate and fails to find a new one before their next heat has always died. There has never been a feral Omega.



Omega (Dom) - 28
Birthday: Dec 12 
Height: 161 cm
Breeds: Purebred Doll Face Persian

Kema is a purebred Omega from the upper-class that was rejected by an Alpha he was previously bonded to and cast out of the home he’d grown up in. To survive, Kema now lives in The Underground—a district for criminal activity, where he became a proficient fighter in 'The Arena' and sex worker. He’s considered by most others around him to be bratty, selfish, and cold. Kema is often sceptic of anyone new that comes into his life, believing he will have his nature as an Omega used against him for their gain. This makes building close relationships with him exceptionally difficult.


Alpha (  ?  ) - 25
Birthday: Sep 16
Height: 174 cm
Breeds: Caracal, Lion, Abyssinian, Somali, Norwegian Forest, Burmese

Rai is a young adult Alpha from a middle-class family background currently studying in college to become a surgeon. He was diagnosed with a grave disorder exclusive to Alphas at a young age and has been trying to find answers that will save him from becoming feral. Although a bit naiive, he is fiercely loyal and selfless to those he cares for and is considered to be kind-hearted and understanding towards most. He believes that everyone should be allowed the freedom to choose their own paths in life, regardless of where they come from.



Beta - 25
Birthday: Jan 13
Height: 167 cm
Breeds: Manx, Russian Blue, Korat, Scottish Fold

Tao is a Beta from a middle-class family background. He is also the childhood friend of Rai, and treasures Rai very dearly. Resourceful and knowledgeable, Tao has dedicated his life to studying the relationships and traits of Alphas and Omegas in an effort to find an answer to Rai’s disease. He believes that the matchmaking industry Betas are known for should be based on Alphas and Omegas that are compatible, rather than pairing them off strictly for profit without regards to their well-being or personal happiness.


Omega (Res) - 26
Birthday: Jun 19
Height: 158 cm
Breeds: Russian Blue, Munchkin, Turkish Angora, Himalayan

Yuue is an Omega from a middle-class family background. While they try to display a cheerful and calm disposition, they have deep insecurities about themselves due to having heterochromia. Often bullied as a child growing up for their appearance, Yuue had one close friend that treated them as an equal who tragically died after being rejected by their mated Alpha. This has led Yuue to question their chances at finding an Alpha who will love and accept them, even though they are mated to Taiyan.



Alpha (Dom) - 30
Birthday: Mar 29
Height: 185 cm
Breeds: Caracal, Maine Coon, Abyssinian, Norwegian Forest

Taiyan is an Alpha from a middle-class family background. When his father met a female Alpha, Taiyan became the older half-brother of Rai. Taiyan has always been very protective of his loved ones; particularly his bonded mate Yuue and little brother Rai. Although he acts mature, he can have a bit of a short temper when dealing with people who act childish or immature. He also seems to have a strong distaste for The Underground and anyone from it.


Beta - 30
Birthday: Mar 3
Height: 170 cm
Breeds: Manx, Russian Blue, Korat, Scottish Fold

Yazuya is a Beta from a middle-class family background and the older brother of Tao. He had developed a strong hatred for Alphas and his sub-gender as a Beta at a young age when their father, an Alpha, left the family. Often seen as the problem child growing up, Yazuya chose to hang out in The Underground where he felt more accepted. This desire to be accepted has unfortunately gotten him into a number of bad situations and relationships he now struggles to escape from.



Beta - 28
Birthday: May 8
Height: 170 cm
Breeds: Manx, Snowshoe, Nebelung, British Shorthair

Sen is a Beta from the lower middle-class. With his cover as a tattoo artist, Sen’s true business is illegal trafficking. Sen is also responsible for teaching Yazuya how to be a matchmaker, pairing Alphas and Omegas together for profit, as well as getting him addicted to other illegal activities. Sen is always eager to make a deal and is not afraid to use anything or anyone to turn a profit. He charms his victims into a variety of financial traps that leave them dependant on him to feed their addictions.


Omega (Dom) - 34
Birthday: Jul 30
Height: 163 cm
Breeds: Devon Rex, Oriental, Siberian, Siamese

Ryuza is an Omega from the lower middle-class and a member of Zei’s gang. Unpredictable with wild mood swings and a taste for causing trouble, Ryuza is almost always the initiator of any fight. Like Yazuya, Ryuza also seems to harbor a hatred for Alphas and his own sub-gender. He often challenges Alphas to fights and treats Betas as if they’re beneath him. Whenever Yazuya tries to slip away from his influence and leave The Underground, Ryuza becomes enraged.



Alpha (Dom) - 28
Birthday: Oct 6
Height: 176 cm
Breeds: White Tiger, Egyptian Mau, Tonkinese, Burmilla

Hiroda is an Alpha from an upper middle-class family background and uses his status as an Alpha to get anything he wants in life, regardless of how it affects others. Hiroda had mated with Niko but grew bored with him and rejected their bond. Hiroda is a cruel playboy that seeks out others only for his pleasure rather than an emotional connection. Due to the rules of their society though, he is able to get away with this behavior unchecked.


Omega (Dom) - 20
Birthday: Apr 4
Height: 160 cm
Breeds: Birman, Siamese, Snowshoe, Singapura

Niko is an Omega from a middle-class family background. He has been Yuue’s friend and since childhood. Originally from the countryside, Niko wasn’t bothered by Yuue’s appearance and inspired Yuue to pursue his dreams. While he was in university Niko became mated to an Alpha named Hiroda, who later abandoned him. Not wanting to worry Yuue that his bond was rejected, Niko shouldered the burden himself.



Alpha (Res) - 29
Birthday: Jan 26
Height: 178 cm
Breeds: Ragdoll, Lynx, Bombay, Bengal

Saete is an Alpha from a middle-class family background. Once an officer for Law Enforcement, he is now the owner and chief operator of South Haven, a Community Center that helps various residents rebuild their lives and organize resources for them. While Saete may dwell on The Surface as a good guy, he still has a few connections to The Underground and will use both sides of society in order to further equality between all Alphas, Omegas, and Betas.


Alpha (Dom) - 31
Birthday: Aug 10
Height: 172 cm
Breeds: Maine Coon, Balinese, Norwegian Forest, Turkish Van, Cornish Rex

Masako is an Alpha from the lower-class, but doesn’t let her rank in society hold her back from getting what she wants. She owns and operates several venues both on The Surface and in The Underground, including ‘The Arena’ where Kema fights for her paying audience. She is also in a secret relationship with Anisa, and only keeps her relationship secret to protect Anisa’s career since Anisa is the only one to have ever touched her heart.



Alpha (Dom) - 32
Birthday: Dec 24
Height: 182 cm
Breeds: Purebred Snow Leopard

Deyari is an Alpha from an upper-class family, and Kema’s former mate he was bonded to. Cold-hearted, jaded, and of the firm belief that Alphas are the superior sub-gender, Deyari grew frustrated with Kema’s disobedience with him and rejected their bond. Wealthy and powerful; he is not afraid to use any underhanded methods to get what he desires in life. This includes putting Kema in his rightful place in their society.


Beta - 22
Birthday: Nov 20
Height: 165 cm
Breeds: Purebred  Doll Face Persian

Anisa is a Beta from an upper-class family, and the younger sister of Kema. Growing up, she was often separated from her brother and neglected by her parents for being ‘useless’ as a Beta. She has strived to forge her own path in life and as a result has now become a world-renowned singer. She has a secret relationship with Masako, a female Alpha, which their society considers taboo since they are unable to reproduce.



Alpha (Res) - 35
Birthday: Apr 21
Height: 176 cm
Breeds: Tiffany, Singapura, Ragamuffin, Chausie

Aore is an Alpha from the lower middle-class, and one of the most level-headed members of Zei’s gang in The Underground. Often bickering with Ryuza for his antics and wild behavior, Aore has little tolerance for immaturity and overzealous people. Similarly serious like their leader, Aore often acts uninterested in most everything, but he can be pushed to show a bit of compassion when circumstances are dire enough.


Alpha (Dom) - 37
Birthday: Feb 7
Height: 180 cm
Breeds: Bengal, Oriental, Ocicat, Havana

Zei is an Alpha from the lower-class and the leader of the gang that Yazuya, Ryuza, and Aore are a part of in their youth. As a leader, Zei is cold and uncaring about anyone that fails to uphold the reputation of his gang and will immediately cast them out. In The Underground it’s the strongest that survive after all, and working under Zei is no exception.



Alpha (Dom) - 42
Birthday: May 23
Height: 190 cm
Breeds: Persian, Serval, Siberian, Javanese

Keshan is an Alpha who runs an Omega Brothel in The Underground and carries a nasty reputation. Coming from the upper-middle class, Keshan is a former Alpha model and prides himself on his business. Anyone who doesn't meet his standards will have his ideals beaten into them... even physically.



Alpha (Res) - 26
Birthday: Oct 22
Height: 160 cm
Breeds: Chartreux, Bobtail, Somali, Russian Blue

Saio is an Alpha from the upper-class and twin sister to Kosai. She formed a music duo with her brother and considers Anisa to be her ultimate musical rival. True to her Alpha nature, Saio is fiercely protective of her sibling and his family. Although she considers Anisa her rival, she does seem to harbour feelings of admiration towards her, but refuses to act on them.



Omega (Res) - 26
Birthday: Oct 22
Height: 163 cm
Breeds: Chartreux, Bobtail, Somali, Russian Blue

Kosai is an Omega from the upper-class and twin brother to Saio. The two were once a musical duo until Kosai bonded with his current mate Shua and moved abroad to Shua’s country in order to raise their family. Kosai is currently in training to become the next head Matriarch of the family. Kosai has also had a previous relationship with Keshan back in his modelling days. 


Alpha (Dom) - 29
Birthday: July 11
Height: 181 cm
Breeds: Sand Cat, Egyptian Mau, Lion

Shua is an Alpha from an upper-class family and former Alpha Male Model. He is bonded to Kosai and an eccentric romantic that puts his mate and family above all else. When bonding to Kosai, Shua encouraged Kosai to move to his country in order to raise their family.

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